Isıtmalı tel prob, m/s ve °C ölçümleri için - for flow and temperature

Sipariş no.  0635 1025

  • Very small probe head diameter (7.5 mm) – ideal for measurements in inaccessible places

  • Integrated temperature measurement up to +70 °C

  • With telescope (can be extended to 820 mm)

  • Flow measuring range: 0 to +20 m/s

The hot wire probe (in conjunction with the appropriate measuring instrument) is ideal for determining flow velocity, volume flow and temperature in ventilation ducts or at ventilation outlets.

Ürün bilgisi

Use the hot wire probe (thermal anemometer) to determine flow velocity and volume flow in ventilation ducts or at ventilation outlets. It is particularly suitable for low and medium flow velocities up to +20 m/s. The probe can also measure temperatures up to +70 °C at the same time.

The hot wire probe is equipped with a telescope, which can be extended to a maximum length of 820 mm. The probe is also ideal for carrying out measurements in inaccessible places, since it features a very small probe head (Ø 7.5 mm).


Teslimat kapsamı

Hot wire probe (Ø 7.5 mm) with telescope (can be extended to 820 mm) including fixed cable 2.4 m. 

Ölçüm aralığı

-20 … +70 °C


±0,3 °C

Isıtmalı tel

Ölçüm aralığı

0 … 20 m/sn


±(0,03 m/sn + 5 % ölç.değ.)

Genel teknik bilgiler

Kablo uzunluğu

2,4 m

Length telescope

820 mm

Probe head diameter

7,5 mm