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  • +125 °C'ye kadar ölçümler için dayanıklı nem probu; kısa sür...

    Sipariş no. 0636 2161

    In combination with the testo 635, the robust humidity probe measures the humidity and temperature of the air. Because the probe can be used up to 125 °C, it also enables measurements in air exhaust ducts. In addition, it is suitable for measuring the material equilibrium moisture content, for example in bulk materials.
    • Probe for relative humidity and air temperature measurements

    • Measurements of the material equilibrium moisture content possible

    • Temperature measuring range: -20 to +125 °C (briefly up to +140 °C)

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  • İnce nem ölçüm probu; entegre elektronik parçaları bulunan - for material moisture

    Sipariş no. 0636 2135

    The slim humidity probe measures material moisture via the equilibrium moisture content and can very easily be used in recesses or bore holes thanks to its slim design and remote electronics. The material moisture can also be determined directly in the instrument in combination with the testo 635 temperature and humidity measuring instrument.

    • Measurement of the material moisture via the equilibrium moisture content

    • Slim design (Ø 4 mm) with remote electronics – ideal for tight measuring points

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