Problar - Mutlak basınç probları

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  • Termal akış probu teleskop ile birlikte; Cihaz giriş kablosu... - for flow, temperature, humidity and pressure

    Sipariş no. 0635 1543

    The hot wire probe (in conjunction with the appropriate measuring instrument) is ideal for determining flow velocity as well as temperature, humidity and pressure in ventilation ducts or at wall or ceiling outlets.
    • 4 functions in 1 probe: measurement of flow, temperature, humidity and absolute pressure

    • With robust, non-rotatable telescope (can be extended to 1100 mm)

    • Intelligent calibration concept

    • Flow measuring range: 0 to +20 m/s

    4460,66TRY KDV dahil
  • Mutlak basınç probu; 2000 hPa

    Sipariş no. 0638 1835

    Absolute pressure probe 2000 hPa
    2941,00TRY KDV dahil
  • Basınç probu, 2000 hPa, mutlak basınç ölçümü

    Sipariş no. 0638 1645

    Pressure probe, 2000 hPa, measures absolute pressure
    3834,92TRY KDV dahil
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