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Employer Introduction / 雇主介紹:

Greater China Region as an 100% subsidiary of Testo SE & Co. KGaA. With currently 80 employee`s in Shanghai engaged in Sales-, Marketing- / Service as well > 350 colleagues at our R&D and Production Facility in Shenzhen, the Market of China plays an outstanding companies role.

The basis for success is our highly qualified and motivated employee`s and our outstanding, continuous development of new measuring instrumentation and solutions. We proudly serve our Customers within Pharma, Food, HVAC/R as well wide Industry such as Air Pollution Control at High Energy.

At Testo, we are always recruiting dedicated, experienced, and passionate people to join our team. Submit your resume via email We will enter your resume into our database for future consideration. If there is a match with your qualifications and our employment needs, we will contact you directly.

We look forward to receiving your application!


自 2002 年以來,德圖儀器國際貿易(上海)有限公司監督大中華區,作為 Testo SE&Co. KGaA 的100%子公司。目前在上海的 80 名員工從事銷售、營銷 、服務以及在深圳的研發生産基地的 350 多名同事,中國市場發揮著優秀的公司作用。




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