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Testo SE & Co. KGaA, with its headquarter in Lenzkirch in the Black Forest established in1957,is one of the main market players in the field of portable and stationary measurement technology. Testo holds 32 subsidiaries worldwide. Over 3,000 Testo employees devote themselves in air conditioning systems, food quality supervision, building construction technology, pollution emission control and many other fields, and continue to innovate in the field of measurement technology.

Testo Instruments International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as an 100% subsidiary of Testo SE & Co. KGaA, found in 2002. With more than 60 years of experience in measurement technology. Our mission is to provide highly quality, service and value in the industry and provides multi-faceted solutions for combustion efficiency, flue gas emissions, food safety, medical health, heating, air conditioning & refrigeration and environmental monitoring for markets such as environmental protection, energy consuming, pharmaceutical, food and indoor environments.



Quality and innovation have always been the goal of testo. Our main business is from the original temperature recorder and portable measuring instrument, to today's flue gas analyzer, nanoparticle, infrared camera, indoor environment. Measuring instruments, temperature and humidity monitoring systems, transmitters, intelligent wireless probes, electrical meters, and “quality and safety” automation solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. At the same time, testo has a wide range of industry solutions to suit the selection requirements and budget of various customers. This is one of the main reasons why customers use testo as a daily brand.

At Testo, we are always recruiting dedicated, experienced, and passionate people to join our team. Submit your resume via email If there is a match with your qualifications and our employment needs, we will contact you immediately.

We look forward to receiving your application!

德國德圖集團(Testo SE&Co。KGaA)是全球便攜式及在線測量技術領域的主要供應商之一,創建於1957年總部位於德國黑森林地區的倫茨基希。公司在全球有超過3,000名員工,32個子公司,他們推動著空調通風系統,食品質量監督,樓宇建造技術,污染排放控制及其他諸多領域的發展,在測量技術領域內不斷創新。

德圖儀器國際貿易(上海)有限公司,簡稱德圖儀器,成立於2002年。是德圖集團(Testo SE&Co。KGaA)在中國的全資子公司。德圖集團擁有超過60年的測量技術經驗,我們的使命是在行業內提供良好的質量,服務和價值。德圖為環保,高耗能,醫藥,食品以及室內環境等市場提供燃燒效率,煙氣排放,食品安全,醫藥健康,供暖空調及製冷和環境監測等多方位的解決方案。





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