testo 317-3 - 電子 CO 檢漏儀

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  • Ready to go: no zero phase

  • Alarm with adjustable thresholds

  • Carry case with belt clip and handstrap

  • 3-year CO sensor warranty

testo 317-3 電子 CO 檢漏儀,儀器無需調零,可直接進行測量,聲光報警信號,可調整報警限值;適用於鍋爐的裝配和維修。


Carbon monoxide is a particularly dangerous gas. It is colorless, it is odorless and above all it is lethal. That’s why it is so important that CO checks are carried out by the book when a gas heating or boiler is being serviced or installed. This not only ensures that the heating or boiler is working properly, it also helps to prevent tragic accidents that occur as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The testo 317-3 CO meter. For measuring carbon monoxide in the surrounding air

A few seconds. That’s all it takes. That’s all it takes to be on the safe side and test the surrounding air for carbon monoxide. The testo 317-3 CO meter measures the concentration of carbon monoxide in the surrounding air and presents the readings on an easy-to-read display. The CO meter has both a visual and an audible alarm which are triggered when a threshold is crossed. The thresholds can be adjusted individually.

The CO meter comes with a carry case and a belt clip to ensure that you always have your meter on you and a handstrap which can be wrapped loosely around the wrist to prevent the meter from falling onto the floor.

And as if that wasn’t enough to convince you, the testo 317-3 also comes with a 3-year CO sensor warranty. There’s testo for you.



testo 317-3 電子 CO 檢漏儀,具有帶夾的運輸盒、耳機、手提環和出廠證明。


0 ~ +1999 ppm


±3 ppm (0 ~ +29 ppm)

±10 % (+30 ~ +1999 ppm)


1 ppm



-5 ~ +45 °C


2 AAA 電池


150 小時


-20 ~ +45 °C


壹氧化碳(CO)是壹種無色,無味的氣體,但也有毒。 其來源包括含碳物質(石油,天然氣和固體燃料等)的不完全燃燒。 如果CO通過肺部進入血液,它會與血紅蛋白結合,從而防止氧氣在血液中; 會導致窒息死亡。 有必要定期檢查供暖系統的燃燒點以及周圍區域的CO排放。