testo 6351差壓變送器,可計算風速 - differential pressure transmitter for industry

訂貨號  0555 6351

  • Automatic zero-point adjustment guarantees high temperature-independent accuracy and long-term stability

  • Low measuring range down to 50 Pa ensures very high precision at the lowest pressures

  • Measurement of differential pressure, flow velocity and volume flow

  • Configurable alarm management with adjustable response delay and alarm acknowledgement

testo 6351差壓變送器,可計算風速,精度±0.8%測量值,自校零功能,50-200hPa可選量程,可選信號輸出,可選顯示幕,可輸出壓力相關單位和風量單位


The testo 6351 pressure transmitter for differential pressure enables measurements in the 50 Pa to 2,000 hPa measuring range. A particularly outstanding feature of the transmitter is the automatic zero-point adjustment, which ensures high accuracy and long-term stability.

testo 6351 pressure transmitter for differential pressure – the applications

  • Differential pressure monitoring between rooms; optional: simultaneous measurement of ambient temperature and humidity
  • Monitoring of drying processes, control of differential pressure, volume flow and flow velocity in critical air conditioning technology (air conditioning and ventilation systems) 



testo 6351 differential pressure transmitter depending on the chosen configuration.