testo 6920溫度變送器,精度±0.5°C - temperature transmitter

訂貨號  0555 6920

  • 2 types of housing for use as a wall and/or duct version

  • Optional set-point adjuster

  • Attractive, functional design

  • Available with and without display

testo 6920溫度變送器,精度±0.5°C,可選掛壁式和管道式,可選輸出信號,可選自帶顯示幕,可選自帶外部校準與設置介面,可選調節器


The testo 6920 is a low-cost temperature transmitter with impressive functionality and design. It can be equipped with a display and/or an interface for adjustment according to your requirements. A set-point adjuster is available as an option for set-point specification. If the transmitter is equipped with an interface, it can be set/adjusted with the P2A software. The testo 6920 temperature transmitter is available as both a wall and duct version.

testo 6920 temperature transmitter: the applications

  • Industrial and commercial buildings, e. g. in production and storage
  • Office and administration buildings
  • Sales areas and exhibition halls
  • Museums and libraries
  • School buildings, hotels, clinics, etc.



testo 6920 temperature transmitter as a wall or duct version with selectable signal outputs, optional display, optional external interface for adjustment and commissioning and optionally with/without set-point adjuster (depending on the configuration).