Data monitoring

Continuous and efficient data monitoring has become a mainstream need in a number of industries and is a key need in the research and development arena. Testo’s Saveris range of data monitoring systems are designed to ensure all these needs are met to the utmost efficiency, allowing accurate measurements and access to data via a multitude of options.

Testo Saveris-1 is a user friendly measurement system that provided security whilst saving time and money. Allowing fully automated measurement and data recording via wireless transfer as well as the Ethernet, to a base station, it facilitates high quality continuous measurements and accurate documentation for temperature and humidity.
An essential need in the health & pharmaceutical industry, various monitoring needs in research and development and other arenas. Built in alert systems via SMS and email keep you updated on your data at all times. The Saveris system allows a high level of flexibility allowing the integration of both Testo transmitters and other manufactures in to the system.Our state of the art software facilities comprehensive analysis and evaluation of recorded date. 
Did you know: Testo Saveris is a means to minimise risk, and has been demonstrated time and time again by many of our clients in some instances to the value of millions of dollars.

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