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Multifunction case small

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  • Storage room for up to 8 data loggers
  • Enables programming and readout of 8 data loggers simultaneously
  • USB port to connect the readout unit to your PC
  • Secure storage and easy transport of the data loggers
  • One case – numerous functions: This case not only enables secure storage and transport of the data loggers. It can also be used to program and read out 8 data loggers simultaneously.
    The small multifunction case provides reliable protection against damage and secure transport with space for up to 8 data loggers.

    The case is equipped with a readout unit that has a USB interface where all 8 data loggers can be programmed and read out simultaneously on the PC. For this, use our intuitive software (please order separately). The software provides effective support for your processes, ranging from fast configuration and readout, through comprehensive data analysis, to easy and valid reporting.

    Practical and time-saving: without any need to remove the loggers from the readout unit beforehand and reinsert them, they can be reconfigured directly when they are next used.

    1 x multifunction case small, including USB cable and programming and readout unit for up to 8 data loggers.

    General technical data

    1130 g
    340 x 265 x 60 mm ((LxWxH))
    Product-/housing material