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SO2 low kit heated

0563 2251
  • High degree of measuring accuracy
  • Less contamination and deposition of dust particles
  • For long-term measurements in the >1 day range
  • Measurements in applications involving flue gas temperatures of up to +600°C
  • The kit with SO2 low sensor and heated gas sampling system was developed for the precise measurement of very low SO2 values following flue gas after-treatments (e.g. scrubbers). SO2 measurement enables you to ensure the legally compliant operation of coal-fired power plants, waste incineration plants and large engines. Particularly convenient: the efficiency of the reduction of SO2 concentrations is calculated directly in the testo 350 flue gas analyzer (please order separately).

    • Industrial probe kit heated (0600 7630): heated probe shaft, including temperature measurement up to +600°C flue gas temperature (thermocouple type K temperature sensor), heated gas sampling hose (length 4 m)
    • SO2 low retrofit sensor (0554 2251)

    Please note:

    For a measurement, the heated SO2 low kit must be combined with the testo 350 flue gas analyzer (Control Unit 0632 3511 and analyzer unit 0632 3510) and Peltier gas preparation with peristaltic pump for automatic condensate drainage.

    Official emissions measurement (compliance testing)

    In most countries, operation of all types of industrial plants (e.g. large power stations, steelworks. cement works, glass works, and chemical plants), and local authority facilities, right through to small production sites is subject to strict regulations governing exhaust gas emissions into the atmosphere. Suitable measures are be taken to ensure and regularly verify that the components defined as pollutants do not exceed certain limit values in the flue gas.

    The flue gas analyzer testo 350 can be used to carry out a preliminary analysis before an official emissions reading, or, depending on the country and directive, the actual official compliance testing.

    testo 350