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Cummins uses the flue gas analyzer testo 340 to commission industrial engines.

Cummins Power Generation delivers gas- and diesel-powered engines to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as to companies in the marine, industrial and agricultural sectors. To ensure their products are operating appropriately, they use Testo’s emissions analysers, verifying that their solutions are compliant no matter what the application. We had the opportunity to speak with Cummins Project Engineer Shirantha Perera about Cummins’ operations and how Testo’s instruments support them in their daily work.

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What does Cummins do?

We provide stationary engines for power generation, agriculture, mining. Our primary products are diesel and gas engines. With those products we’ve built solutions and services around power generation in industrial, marine, agricultural and vehicle (both off-road and on-road) applications. We also have turbo-charging, alternator and filtration businesses. Basically, the diesel and gas engines provide the foundations of our wider services. For example, with these products we can build turnkey stations and standby generation systems. A large part of our business comes from original equipment manufacturers, which use our products to generate power in a wide variety of heavy duty vehicles.

testo 340 – the advantages at a glance

  • Especially compact and robust

  • Clear user guidance

  • Comprehensive choice of probes