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Application example

Increased efficiency and quality assurance via the integral test equipment management system PRIMAS.

Which measuring instruments are currently in use? Which instruments are currently in the laboratory for calibration? Where can I find the calibration certificate for a particular instrument?

Those in charge of customer service organizations in facility management must always have an up-to-date overview of the availability and condition of their measuring instruments. The management of test equipment can involve considerable organization, particularly when it comes to larger stocks of equipment, and this takes up a lot of time and ties up employees.

One efficient solution in these cases is the integral test equipment management system PRIMAS from Testo Industrial Services. PRIMAS is a flexible combination of calibration and test and measuring equipment management, coupled with a web-based software solution, and rounded off with logistics and organization services. Thanks to its modular structure, PRIMAS can be perfectly tailored to different facility management requirements. Whether your measuring instruments are from Testo or another manufacturer is irrelevant.

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The challenge.

Heads of service teams in technical facility management often need more time to manage their test equipment than they do for their actual business - the on-site applications, including the documentation and interpretation of measurement results.

This is because measuring instruments need to be regularly calibrated, repaired or replaced and all these processes have to be organized and documented. Not only does this involve adhering to a standard-compliant procedure, it also includes the daily review: If a measuring instrument that is currently required is unexpectedly unavailable due to ongoing calibration or repair, this results in under-utilization of service engineers or multiple journeys to the customer. Experience has shown these kinds of situations occur frequently in manual test equipment management, despite the extra administrative work involved.

The solution.

The same principle applies to facility management as it would anywhere else: Concentrate on your core business and delegate the rest! Testo will undertake your test equipment management for you – including documentation, deadline monitoring of calibration and maintenance due dates, organization and logistics.

Our manufacturer- independent test equipment management system PRIMAS ensures that calibrations and repairs are handled efficiently, and makes the data for all procedures transparent. This keeps you informed about the availability and status of each individual measuring instrument at all times. With PRIMAS, untraceable calibration certificates are also a thing of the past. Now, the certificates are no longer stored twice (on the instrument and in a central repository), but in one single system only - the web-based test equipment management software PRIMAS online - which enables you to access data regardless of time or location. For cyclical calibrations, you can define fixed lead times including the logistical processing; if a calibration is required, the system will inform you in good time.

Another module - PRIMAS exchange - enables automated data exchange via VDI/VDE 2623 between your MES/CAQ system and your calibration service provider, thus guaranteeing that the test equipment data is always up-to-date. With PRIMAS, calibration and documentation management are perfectly integrated - this ensures transparency, efficient processes and a high level of quality in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

We would be happy to coordinate tailor-made, individual logistics solutions for you, for quick pick-up and return after calibration. This will reduce the amount of time involved in managing your test equipment to an absolute minimum. The advantages of our efficient test equipment management are also available to you even if you do not use exclusively Testo measuring instruments, because PRIMAS is a manufacturer-independent solution. No matter where your instruments come from, you can make full use of our range of services.

The advantages at a glance.

  • Manufacturer-independent test equipment management from one provider

  • Minimum processing times for calibrations and repairs

  • Deadline monitoring of calibration and maintenance due dates

  • Efficient and standard-compliant implementation and documentation of all calibration procedures

  • Complete and up-to-date test equipment data can be viewed at any time via the internet