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More efficiency in electrical thermography

In the Netherlands, electrical plants must comply with the NEN values, i.e. the safety requirements laid down by the “Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute”. Regular inspection of electrical plants and equipment is compulsory and covers inspection, measurement, testing and reporting. This always involves an interference into the operative procedures and processes. For this reason, Barnett Inspections is always open to solutions which offer more efficiency in inspections and yet maximum reliability and quality. Richard le Mat, quality manager at Barnet Inspections, was happy to test the thermal imager testo 883 with its convenient pistol design, including the professional software testo IRSoft. Overall, he’s convinced: The thermal imager testo 883 is the perfect support for the Dutch electrical expert.

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The challenge

In order to guarantee compliance with the strict legal norms, Dutch industrial companies and service providers rely on independent testing facilities such as the medium-sized electrical expert Barnett Inspections. The routinely occurring requirements include visual checks on electrical installations as well as measurements and testing of equipment, and also thermographic examinations of distribution systems. The objective is to identify and document bad connections – and therefore possible risks – in the connections of electrical components, for example in a distribution system. This results in a large number of thermal images every day: On average, 1 to 8 objects are thoroughly inspected thermographically. The inspectors face several challenges at once:

  • Difficult-to-access or far distant objects must also be recorded in excellent quality.

  • It needs to be possible to create the analyses and reports needed to demonstrate hotspots and fire risks in the tested plants quickly.

  • Testing interventions must be kept to a minimum for the customer, in order not to disturb operation.

For this purpose, the inspectors need an easy-to-handle thermal imager with high resolution and high-performance, intuitive software, so that thermal images can be quickly and easily created, analyzed and documented in an illustrative thermographic report.

Barnett Inspections B.V.

Barnett Inspections is a Dutch specialist for the testing of electrical installations according to the applicable NEN values. As an independent testing facility, the company is concerned exclusively with the testing of operational plants and machines. Barnett Inspections has an excellent reputation as an expert who reacts flexibly and efficiently, communicates clearly and is always equipped with the most modern test instrumentation and the newest software. Thanks to their specialization, experience and the focus on highly efficient work processes, the staff at Barnett Inspections can guarantee smooth and efficient inspections during continuing operation.

The solution

The new thermal imager testo 883 with manual focussing is ideal for these requirements. It is supplied as a complete package with the licence-free, high-performance software testo IRSoft. This not only allows outstandingly high-resolution thermal images to be recorded, even of difficult objects. The thermal images are also comprehensively analyzed with the help of testo IRSoft. Creating reports is equally easy. The digital report assistant and numerous design templates make it very easy to document the measurement results and analyses in meaningful reports.

All this convinces Richard le Mat. As a new customer, the experienced quality manager is happy to take the opportunity of thoroughly testing the thermal imager testo 883 in the next inspection of electrical plants – and right away on five jobs: In a service station with a carwash, three auto repair workshops and a laundry.

"The thermal imager testo 883 has already put my previous image into retirement. It provides considerably better performance in every single job!"

Richard le Mat


Quality manager for the testing of electrical plants

The test

Richard le Mat finds the application of not only the thermal imager testo 883, but also the PC software testo IRSoft, incredibly easy and efficient. And so the overall package from Testo convinces the Dutchman in all points.

The manual focussing makes it very easy to focus close-ups as well as distant images. Even the smallest details appear in absolutely sharp focus, so that all relevant components are clearly identifiable in the thermal image. The imager sits very well in the hand. Even under difficult conditions, it is child’s play to take recordings without blurring the image. To do this, the user simply presses the large button which his finger is already resting on anyway. The thermal imager’s menu is easy to open, the options are clearly arranged and intuitively understood. Depending on preference, navigation is possible either with a joystick or via the touchscreen. Richard le Mat prefers the touchscreen, which is extremely easy to operate and works excellently. Richard le Mat likes to use the possibility of having hot and cold spots displayed in the imager’s display. When the thermal image is later opened in the analysis and reporting software testo IRSoft, these markings are already included in the thermal image. This optional pre-setting saves the busy expert a great deal of time and effort, as he does not need to mark these spots again in the software.

The electrical expert’s conclusion: "Simply convincing, and also convincingly simple! In our business, the thermal imager testo 883 is already in widespread use for inspection jobs."

The advantages

The thermal imager testo 883 combines all properties for making routine inspections on electrical plants and equipment faster, more efficient and therefore more cost-saving:

  • Best image quality: IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (with SuperResolution 640 x 480 pixels); NETD < 40 mK

  • testo SiteRecognition: intelligent measurement site recognition and automatic image management

  • Flexible: Manual focus and interchangeable lenses

  • testo IRSoft: Analyze thermal images comprehensively with the intuitive, professional PC software and create impressive reports within a short period of time

  • Smart and networked: testo Thermography App and wireless transmission of measurement values from the clamp meter testo 770-3 directly into the thermal image.