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Data loggers

Environmental monitoring the way you need it.

Data loggers compared.

Stand-alone data loggers: Compact and efficient

Stand-alone data loggers are essentially the "missing link" between min/max thermometers and thermohygrometers on the one hand and automated monitoring systems on the other. They automatically record measured values and can save them in their internal memory.

However, they do not have a network connection (hence they are stand-alone) and have to be read out manually. On the other hand, they are easy to install and the purchase costs are also kept within reasonable limits.

Overview of all the data logger series from Testo

Compact, reliable and low-maintenance: Data loggers have established themselves as a standard technology for monitoring and documenting relevant environmental parameters in numerous applications. Find out all about the different data loggers from Testo here.

testo 174 series

  •  Small and compact for monitoring in warehouses or during transport

  • For temperature and humidity

  • Large display & USB port

  • Programming and analysis using free software

testo 175 series

  • Various versions ideal for stock monitoring

  • For temperature and humidity

  • USB port

  • Programming and analysis using free software

testo 176 series

  • Robust housing makes it suitable for use in extreme conditions

  • For temperature and humidity

  • USB port

  • Programming and analysis using free software

Data loggers from Testo

A detailed comparison of Testo data loggers

Ready for use in transport and storage: The testo 174 mini data logger series.

The testo 174 mini data loggers are ideal for monitoring warehouse goods that are sensitive to temperature and humidity. They are also an ideal travel companion: simply enclosed with the goods, e.g. in containers and cold storage facilities, they monitor temperature and humidity continuously, reliably and inconspicuously. The free testo ComSoft Basic software allows fast programming of the data loggers as well as simple data analysis.

The cost-effective mini data loggers guarantee reliable measurement results based on state-of-the-art measuring technology. The integrated sensors guarantee readings with long-term stability. This enables quality assurance guidelines to be complied with and documented securely.


A compact overview of all thermohygrometers and other measuring solutions from Testo.

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