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Compressed air meters

Suitable for pipe mounting, compatible with all common diameters

The testo 6451 to testo 6454 compressed air meters are used to determine, monitor, control and log compressed air consumption and thus to detect leaks in compressed air systems, to allocate costs according to consumption as well as to carry out peak load management. The compressed air meters 6451 to testo 6454 create transparency about the consumption of compressed air, similar to electricity, water or gas, and thus increase the motivation of those responsible for the process to reduce costs and save energy.

The testo 6451 to testo 6454 compressed air meters record the standard volumetric flow of working compressed air according to the calorimetric principle, which means that the measurement method is independent of the process pressure and does not cause any permanent loss of pressure. While the thermal, glass-passivated ceramic sensor offers high robustness and very fast response times, the integrated inlet and outlet connector ensures optimum accuracy.

A highlight in the compressed air counting is the integrated pressure measurement. The innovative “all-in-one sensor” not only records the compressed air consumption and temperature, but even the pressure. This eliminates the need for additional pressure measurement, which saves money.

Overview of compressed air meters