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Temperature probes

Temperature – surely the most frequently measured value. There is a correspondingly comprehensive choice of appropriate measuring technology for this task. Because, in addition to the appropriate measuring instrument, every temperature measurement also requires an appropriate temperature probe.

At Testo, we have been dealing with temperature measurement since the company was founded more than 60 years ago and therefore know exactly what counts and what measuring instruments you need to get high-precision results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Comprehensive selection for all measuring tasks

  • Comprehensive selection for all measuring tasks

  • Individual customized products possible

  • Calibration via the experts in the Testo Industrial Services subsidiary

Tips for correct temperature measurement

  • Air, water, food, surfaces – there is an appropriate probe for virtually every medium.

  • You can carry out non-contact measurement of surface temperatures.

  • Penetration probes also enable immersion measurements in liquids.

Which temperature probe are you interested in?

Testo Sensor

Temperature probes from Testo Sensor

Cable probes, immersion probes and many other temperature probes and transmitters can be found at the probe experts of Testo Sensor GmbH.

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Know-how: probe and temperature sensor

There are temperature measurement probes for a variety of media. Their design is different, depending on the task. So, there are different probes for measuring air, on surfaces or in measurement objects. In each of these sub-groups, there are in turn differences in terms of accuracy, response time and measuring range.

Surface probes have a temperature sensor which ensures that the temperature on a measurement object can be determined as quickly and precisely as possible.Cable probes are available for almost every measuring task in the spectrum of temperature measurement. This transmits the measuring values. The radio probe is the opposite of the cable probe. In contrast to the cable probe is the radio probe. With this, the measured values are transmitted wirelessly.

However, no matter what probe is used: they all have a temperature sensor. And in terms of sensors, the following designs can be distinguished:

Feel-good climate at work

Testo's globe thermometer

Thermal comfort level plays an important role when it comes to the feel-good factor for people in the workplace. One element of the thermal comfort level is the so-called radiant temperature. It may for instance be of importance in workplaces exposed to heat (e.g. furnaces). However, solar radiation through an office window also leads to radiant temperatures being too high.

With Testo's globe thermometer, you can measure the radiant heat in a range from 0 to 120°C in accordance with ISO 7243, ISO 7726, DIN EN 27726 and DIN 33403 – essential for norm-compliant comfort level measurement.