Surprisingly simple: the testo 191 professional software

The data loggers are configured and read out using the testo 191 professional software. When developing the software, we made sure we integrated only the functions which you really need, in order for you to be able to work as quickly and easily as possible. And their use is intuitive and self-explanatory.

Eight steps to the result:

  1. Programming data loggers
  2. Reading out data loggers
  3. Visualizing the measurement data
  4. Defining calculation
  5. Defining acceptance criteria
  6. Analyzing results
  7. Visualizing the measurement set-up
  8. Configuring and creating reports

How to contact us

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Programming data loggers

The testo 191 professional software
  • Configure via USB in the multifunction case
  • Configure each logger individually or transfer one configuration to up to 8 loggers
  • Flexibly define start criteria: not only according to date and time, but also according to threshold value temperature, AND or OR link
  • Define measuring cycle

Reading out data loggers

The testo 191 professional software
  • Read out via USB in the multifunction case
  • Visualization of the results for individual or all loggers, as a graphic or a table
  • partial readout possible: time period can be freely selected

Visualizing the measurement data

The testo 191 professional software
  • Analyze partial ranges of the measurement precisely using the simple zoom function
  • Easier selection of measuring points with the crosshairs
  • Comment on data: place notes directly onto the graphic and include them in the pdf report output
  • Use time marks, for example to easily mark and comment on holding phases

Defining calculations

The testo 191 professional software
  • Automatic lethality and saturated steam pressure test
  • F-0, F-70 and F-90 values can be pre-set
  • Automatic and manual calculation of the holding phase
  • A-0 and C-0 values

Defining acceptance criteria

The testo 191 professional software
  • Support through example visualization as well as explanation of individual process parameters (e.g. temperature span, minimum hold time or maximum acclimatization time).

Analyzing results

The testo 191 professional software
  • Overview of the configured acceptance criteria
  • Immediate indication of whether a measurement was successful or not
  • Direct access for adapting the acceptance criteria
  • Graphic and tabular display of readings
  • Select reading statistics on time marks using holding phases for calculating measuring curves

Visualizing the measurement set-up

The testo 191 professional software
  • Measuring point order for flawless documentation
  • Uploading own images of the system
  • Labelled loggers can be allocated to their actual position in the autoclaves
  • Visualization of the temperature measured over time during system operation

Configuring and creating reports

The testo 191 professional software
  • Individual input of relevant information from the measuring study (e.g. manufacturer, loading pattern, tester)
  • Company logo and the title of the report are individually adaptable
  • Save and reuse report configuration
  • Full inclusion of audit-relevant data
  • Download data as a pdf report or a CSV file
  • 1-click report adopts the report parameters of the last study and enables faster reporting