Fast-action surface temperature probe TC Type K

Order-Nr.  0614 0195

  • TC Type K temperature probe for measurements on surfaces

  • Quick response time

  • With T-hinge measuring head

  • Measuring range: -200 to +300 °C

Fast-action surface probe with T-hinge measuring head. Ideal for fast temperature measurement, even on non-planar surfaces.

Product Description

Use this temperature probe with thermocouple (TC) sensor (Type K) to carry out measurements of surface temperatures.

The temperature probe is characterized by its quick response time. The T-hinge measuring head with sprung thermocouple strip makes this possible. It reaches the actual temperature of the measurement object in just a few seconds.

Moreover, the temperature probe can be used on uneven surfaces. It is not necessary to use a thermal conduction paste.

The surface probe is a digital probe with an intelligent calibration concept. You can adjust the probe using the EasyClimate software and achieve a zero-error display.


The surface temperature probe (when connected to the measuring instrument) is ideal for the following applications:

• Measuring component temperature in the electronics industry
• Measuring surface temperatures on injection-moulding tools
• Monitoring process temperatures
• Measuring temperature differences on underfloor heating, radiators, insulation or walls
• Reference measurements in the calibration laboratory

Scope of delivery

Fast-action surface temperature probe TC Type K with T-hinge measuring head including instruction for use.


General technical data

Length probe shaft

150 mm

Probe head diameter

10 mm

Temperature - TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)

Measuring range

-200 to +300 °C; short-term up to +500 °C


±(2.5 °C + 0.8 % of mv) (-40 to +300 °C)

Remaining Range (-200 to -40.1 °C) is not specified


0.1 °C