Fill level monitoring

The level control in sealed fluid tanks has proved to be a sensible method for avoiding machine damage and as a result production losses. If, for example, the fluid in coolant tanks falls to a dangerously low level, machines are no longer being sufficiently cooled. They run hot and fail. Often, an automatic level control regulates the level of the refrigerant and issues an alarm if the level is too low. However, the automatic control can also fail. In this case, a regular look through a Testo thermal imager will also help.

4 Products or Recomendations for Fill level monitoring
  • testo 882 - IR Camera

    Order-Nr. 0560 0882

    The testo 882 IR Camera is the most precise one-hand thermal imaging camera with pistol grip design from Testo. Special measuring modes including moisture image or high temperature option make it ideal for a wide variety of different applications.

    • Easy, one-handed operation for quick and easy thermal imaging

    • Premium image quality: thermal image resolution 320 x 240 pixels / 640 x 480* pixels

    • Precise measurements: thermal sensitivity < 50 mK

    • 32°lens, automatic hot/cold spot recognition

    Price on Request
  • testo 875-1i - Thermal Imager with digital camera

    Order-Nr. 0563 0875 V1

    Ideally equipped for industrial and building thermography: The testo 875-1i thermal imager means even the smallest temperature differences can be seen with a thermal sensitivity of < 50 mK. You can create real images with the built-in digital camera and assign these to the thermal images.

    • Very good image quality: Resolution 160 × 120 pixels / 320 × 240* pixels

    • Precise measurement: thermal sensitivity < 50 mK, high-quality 32° × 23° lens with manual focus, automatic hot/cold spot detection

    • Built-in digital camera creates a real image in parallel to the thermal image

    • Comprehensive accessories, including: robust case, pro software, SD card, carrying strap, mains unit and lots more

    Price on Request
  • testo 875-2i - Thermal imager with digital camera

    Order-Nr. 0563 0875 V2

    With the testo 875-2i high temperature thermal imager, you can do your industrial and building thermography work even more easily and quickly: The built-in digital camera and voice recording via the headset make documentation and assignment of thermal and real images easier.

    • Very good image quality: Resolution 160 × 120 pixels / 320 × 240* pixels

    • Thermal sensitivity < 50 mK

    • high-quality 32° × 23° lens, automatic hot/cold spot detection and optional temperature measurement up to +550 °C

    • Including a built-in digital camera and voice recording via a headset

    Price on Request
  • testo 875-2i - Thermography kit with SuperResolution

    Order-Nr. 0563 0875 V3

    Get your testo 875-2i professional thermal imaging camera and telelens set now and the accessories you need are only an arm’s length away!

    • Infrared resolution 160 X 120 pixels/ 320 X 240 pixels*

    • 9° x 7° telelens for the precise tracking of objects included in set

    • Extensive range of accessories included: rugged case, additional battery, quick charger, SD card, shoulder strap, lens cloth and much, much more

    • All the accessories you need just an arm’s length away

    Price on Request
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