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Measurement solutions for heating technology.


Simple, connected - for all requirements.

With heating measurement solutions from Testo, you are ideally equipped for all measurement tasks in your everyday work on all heating systems - and thus do your job even more professionally, reliably and quickly!

Flue gas analysis: For an optimally adjusted heating system

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Heat pumps: cost and energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly operation

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Other applications related to heating systems

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Heating technology

Flue gas analysis:

professional and reliable.

Flue gas analysis with professional flue gas analyzers from Testo helps to make combustion processes more efficient, to optimize thermal processes, and above all, to reduce emissions.

No alternative in efficient flue gas measurement

Why measure in a complicated way when you can do it simply?

Efficient, wireless measurement of up to four additional parameters in parallel via our Smart Probes – with the new testo 300 NEXT LEVEL! Featuring a practical second screen and intuitive operation – it really couldn’t be easier.

Efficient flue gas measurement - with up to 4 wireless Smart Probes simultaneously: the testo 300 NEXT LEVEL

Our flue gas measuring devices at a glance

testo 310 II: for simple flue gas analysis.

The flue gas analyser combines simple functions and measuring accuracy - perfect for all basic measurements on the heating system.

testo 300: for professional flue gas analysis.

The testo 300 flue gas meter is ideal for the most important measurements around heating systems. It combines decades of experience in measurement technology with contemporary smart-touch operation, robust processing and protocol dispatch by e-mail.

testo 330i: the future of flue gas analysis

The flue gas analyser combines simple functions and measuring accuracy - perfect for all basic measurements on the heating system.

See for yourself and hear a user’s voice:

The testo 300 NEXT LEVEL makes work much easier! You save a lot of time with the new smart functions, such as parallel measurement, second screen and sending the measurement data by e-mail. If I were to award a company for its innovative products that really make a difference - it would be Testo! You can tell it’s all well thought through. This makes work fun!

Karl-Heinz Bilz


Plumbing and heating foreman, Nidderau

Reduce emissions. Increase efficiency.

Testo flue gas analyzer

for industrial flue gas analysis

With a number of exhaust gas probes, sensors and special options such as automatic dilution or Peltier gas preparation, the exhaust gas analyzers from Testo were specially developed for extreme demands.

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The right measuring instrument for every application

Further applications

Differential pressure

Gas pressure testing on burners is one of the standard measurements during services of domestic heating systems. This involves measuring the gas flow pressure and gas resting pressure.

  • Optimum flow pressure in gas burners in the range form 18 to 25 mbar

  • Avoid heating system breakdown

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