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Digital refrigerant scale

With intelligent valve. Each filling fully automatic and precise.

World innovation – digital refrigerant scale testo 560i

The new testo 560i wireless refrigerant scale, together with the intelligent valve, revolutionizes the charging of refrigeration systems and heat pumps.This is because the scale and valve enable automatic charging according to the target value - thanks to patented technology.

The measurement of the refrigerant weight for automatic charging is done easily and wirelessly as a team with our digital manifolds and the testo Smart App for your smartphone and tablet.

Your advantages

Time saving

Fully refrigerant automatic charging according to target value

Compatible with

  • testo Smart App

  • Digital manifolds testo 550i, testo 550s, testo 557s, testo 570s, testo 550, testo 557

  • Clamp thermometer testo 115i, high pressure gauge testo 549i, thermohygrometer testo 605i

More info about the scale and all refrigeratione measuring instruments

It's that simple

  1. Waage, Ventil und Monteurhilfe bzw. App starten

  2. Schläuche an Anlage und Messgeräte anschliessen

  3. Gewünschtes Befüllungsprogramm in Monteurhilfe bzw. App wählen

  4. Zielwert Gewicht, Überhitzung oder Unterkühlung eingeben

  5. Befüllungsprogramm starten. Fertig!

Auf Wunsch Messdaten dokumentieren mit Protokollversand vor Ort.

testo Smart App

One App for all applications

The testo Smart App guides you quickly and easily through measurements on refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems.

Now new:

PRO measuring programs for increasing the efficiency of your applications

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Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Testo measuring instruments


Direct report dispatch by e-mail


All measurement values at a glance


Intuitive measurement menus


Free download, free use


PRO measuring programs

Perfectly connected instruments

Refrigeration measurement technology becomes smart & simple.