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Rpm measuring instrument

In terms of speed measurement, high-precision, optical methods have established themselves in place of mechanical ones.

Top-class tachometer

Bei der optischen Drehzahlmessung unterscheidet man zwischen zwei Messverfahren:

  1. Reflexion eines LED- oder Laserlichtstrahls.

  2. Lichtschranke.

Speed measurement with Testo – all-round efficiency:

  • A large selection of digital tachometers and strobes – the ideal instrument for every task.

  • High-precision speed measurement using optical methods.

  • Measured in next to no time: strobe and tachometer with easy and efficient one-hand operation.

  • Outstanding quality from the market leader for an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

From laser tachometers to strobes

The right measuring instrument for every application.

Laser tachometer or LED: which is better?

In the reflection method, a laser or LED light beam is emitted onto the measurement object. The reflected beam is registered as an impulse by the measuring instrument's optical sensor. Depending on the measurement requirement, a tachometer either with a laser or with an LED is more suitable. The differences:

Strobe - available variants

Speed measurement with a LED stroboscope or xenon stroboscope.

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This is how to see that the tachometer is digital:

A digital tachometer shows the measurement data on the display in figures. In addition, minimum, mean and maximum values can be saved, as can the last measured value.

Professional tips for speed measurement – with a strobe too

Rev counters are used in a huge number of applications. The most common include speed measurement on fans in air conditioning and ventilation technology, measurements on conveyor belts using an adapter or counting pulses on conveyor belts in industrial production. And no matter whether it is a rev counter or strobe – Testo's measuring instruments are intuitive to operate and provide high-precision measurement.

And with a few little tips from the professionals, you can improve your speed measurement even more:

Strobe, tachometer and other important measuring instruments

Optical tachometer – to the product overview

Discover Testo's wide variety of optical tachometers and strobes with just one click.