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testo 890 FeverDetection kit - testo 890 thermal imager with FeverDetection feature

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  • testo 890 thermal imager with FeverDetection feature for detecting elevated facial surface temperatures
  • Reliable: 640 x 480 pixel resolution and extremely good thermal sensitivity
  • Secure: Visual or acoustic alarm indicates individuals with elevated body surface temperatures
  • Flexible: Thanks to an HDMI interface for data transfer to an external screen, it can also be used in semi-stationary applications such as security checks
  • Detect body surface temperatures of individuals in very busy facilities such as airports, train stations or shopping centres quickly and reliably: The testo 890 thermal imager boasts high image quality, HDMI output and the ingenious FeverDetection feature.
    The testo 890 thermal imager with FeverDetection is a reliable partner when carrying out security checks. The FeverDetection feature enables quick identification of anyone who is potentially sick.

    The testo FeverDetection feature

    • Detects the relative body surface temperature of individuals, based on the difference between the temperature values of those with a normal body surface temperature (“healthy”) and those with an elevated body surface temperature (potentially “sick")
    • Automatic detection of the surface temperature on the hottest part of the face (usually the inner corner of the eye)
    • An alarm is triggered whenever a definable threshold value is exceeded
    • Anyone with an elevated body surface temperature is identified quickly and reliably, and can be isolated for thorough medical examination

    How testo FeverDetection works in detail

    The testo 890 thermal imager has a feature for continuously calculating the mean temperature of the individuals being tested.

    Settings and functions:
    1. Set the base value in the menu: The set starting value corresponds to the expected mean human body surface temperature
    2. Set the tolerance value: For example +1 or +2 °C
    3. Automatic calculation of the threshold value, based on the sum of the base value and tolerance value: If the threshold value is exceeded, the person is considered to be at risk of fever
    4. The readings are successively stored in the thermal imager in order to continuously update the threshold value
    The ambient temperature is taken into account via continuous calculation of the mean temperature. More reliable decisions can therefore be made in terms of which individuals are to be subjected to medical checks. This is because the ambient temperature influences the surface temperatures of individuals – for example, on average these would be higher in a warm waiting area than in an air-conditioned area.

    Areas of application

    • Security checks in very busy facilities such as airports, railway stations or shopping centres
    • Admission controls for employees and visitors in office buildings and production facilities
    • FeverDetection with the thermal imager is not a medical measurement.
    • To obtain a correct measurement, any glasses, face masks or head coverings must be removed.

    • testo 890 thermal imager with FeverDetection feature
    • Standard lens 42°
    • Robust transport case
    • SD card
    • USB cable
    • Carrying strap
    • Lens cleaning cloth
    • Mains unit
    • Li-ion rechargeable battery
    • Professional software IRSoft (free download)



    Infrared image output

    Field of view
    42° x 32° (Standard lens)
    auto / manual
    Minimum focus distance
    0.1 m (Standard lens)
    Geometric resolution (IFOV)
    1.13 mrad (Standard lens)
    Image refresh rate
    33 Hz
    Infrared resolution
    640 x 480 pixels
    Thermal sensitivity
    ˂ 40 mK at +30 °C
    Spectral range
    7.5 to 14 µm

    Image output visual

    Minimum focus distance
    0.5 m
    Image size
    3.1 MP