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Monitoring temperature in supermarkets

You deal with fresh, easily spoilt goods every day. The quality of the products must always be immaculate, so that inferior goods are not brought into circulation.

But how can you ensure that the temperature at all relevant locations always fulfils the requirements?

With the WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2, you now monitor temperatures in supermarkets securely, automatically and with a minimum of effort.

Automatic temperature monitoring with a minimum of effort.

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Temperature monitoring

  • In order to meet guidelines and regulations (HACCP),

  • to efficiently ensure food quality

  • and increase the customers' trust.

Get to know our licence models

Choose the scope of function which suits you

For entry-level users: Basic licence

  • Free Cloud access

  • Pre-set measurement rate

  • Alarm by e-mail

Our tip:
Full flexibility with the Advanced licence

  • Freely selectable measurement rate

  • Comparison of several measurement locations

  • Convenient automatic report function (PDF, e-mail)

  • Convenient alarm by SMS

Download: brochure

Download the testo Saveris 2 brochure here


How testo Saveris 2 works in a supermarket

Automatic temperature monitoring with a minimum of effort

The WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2 takes work off your hands and creates an additional security bonus thanks to the alarm function. In our expert article, you can find out how you too can profit in your daily work.

Our offers for supermarkets

We designed testo Saveris 2 so that you can easily assemble your individual solution with the right loggers and your optimum Cloud licence. Our experts are happy to support you.

Additionally, we offer a special set for monitoring refrigerators, which helps you to differentiate between genuine temperature drops and slight fluctuations caused by opening the refrigerator door.