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Pharmaceutical transport

When transporting pharmaceuticals, clearly defined temperature and humidity limit values have to be observed. Seamlessly and continuously. If these limits are violated, the active substances or the composition of the drugs may be irreversibly altered.

Patient safety right from the start. Your partner for quality and compliance in pharmaceutical transport.

Your black box for sensitive freight: The testo 184 data loggers

  • Uninterrupted monitoring of the cold chain

  • Transparency over the entire distribution route

  • Uncomplicated handling

  • Robust instruments and maximum data security

  • Compliance with relevant existing standards, guidelines and regulations

  • WHO certified (testo 184 T3)

Simply brilliant – brilliantly simple: the Testo data loggers in use.

Simply activate the Testo data loggers and place them in the dispatch package.

The right measuring instrument for every requirement.

WHO certificate testo 184 T3

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Further applications

Testo is also used in laboratories, clean rooms or in production when accurate results and reliable technology are required.


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