Calibration and validation

Calibration of measuring instruments is required anywhere they are used in quality-related areas. Even the slightest of measurement errors can drastically affect the safety of production processes, or product quality.

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Calibration: increased precision and reliability

Calibration involves comparing the reading of an instrument being calibrated with that of a reference instrument, under specific conditions. Other important aspects of calibration include documenting the deviation recorded, calculating the resulting measurement uncertainty and creating the calibration certificate recording this uncertainty. The calibration of measuring instruments is therefore an essential part of quality assurance, contributing to the prevention of rejects, reworking, or claims for compensation.
Calibration of measuring instruments

Considerable contribution towards quality assurance

The calibration of measuring instruments therefore makes a considerable contribution towards quality assurance and the prevention of rejects, reworking, or claims for compensation.



Testo Industrial Services, a subsidiary of Testo, can provide you with highly accurate calibration services for the most diverse measurement parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Velocity / Volume Flow
  • Gas
  • Oil Tester
  • Other parameters