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testo 770-3 - Hook clamp and power meter with Bluetooth

0590 7703
  • Unique hook-on function separates and grabs wires, without using your hands, and the retractable post makes hook release in tight spaces fast and easy
  • Bluetooth, coupled with the free testo Smart Probes app, works with smartphones and tablets for remote viewing, data logging, and report creation
  • Real-time power measurements (Watts), with simultaneous power factor indication  
  • μA parameter for flame rod (ignition flame sensor) testing, and temperature measurement using optional type K thermocouple adapter
  • The testo 770-3, in addition to the features of the other meters in the testo 770 series, includes real-time power measurements (Watts), power factor, and Bluetooth. The Testo app can be used for remote viewing, monitoring, data logging, and creating reports. This powerful app allows you to create custom reports that include photos, data, and graphs that can be saved, or sent via email.
    The testo 770 series identifies the testing in-process and automatically selects the correct meter configuration, which saves you time and increases your accuracy.

    The testo 770 series of instruments is rich in the features HVAC techs need and want, including TRMS, starting current, and frequency measurement.

    testo 770-3 hook clamp meter 600 A, including test leads, 3 AAA batteries, instruction manual, quick start guide, and certificate of conformity

    Temperature - Type K TC

    Measuring range
    -4.0° to 932.0 °F / -20 to +500 °C
    ±1.8 °F (32.0° to 212.0 °F) / ±1 °C (0 to +100 °C)
    0.2 °F / 0.2 °C

    DC voltage

    Measuring range
    1.0 to 600.0 V
    max. 1 mV
    ± (0.8 % of mv + 3 Digit)

    AC voltage

    Measuring range
    1.0 mV to 600.0 V
    max. 1 mV
    ± (1 % of mv + 3 Digit)

    Ideal for non-contact current measurement on tightly packed cables

    • Fully retractable pincer arm, auto AC/DC, large two-line display, true root mean square (TRMS) measurement, starting current, power and μA measurement, temperature adapter, Bluetooth®, in combination with the testo Smart App or testo Thermography App, display of readings on smartphones/tablets, easy documentation and sending of reports by e-mail
    Overview of applications
    • Current consumption measurement, testing voltage supply in live wires, measuring the ionization flow of heating systems, power measurement, easy temperature checking