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testo saveris PROF software, incl. USB connecting cable base-PC - Multi-user licence

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  • Monitor measurement data from multiple PCs
  • Fotoaufnahmen von Maschinen oder Räumen integrierbar
  • Comprehensive alarm management
  • Tour planning for mobile data monitoring with calendar management
  • PROF software, incl. USB connecting cable base-PC
    The PROF (Professional) software version offers interesting additional functions beyond the attractive basic functions of the SBE basic version, e.g.:
    • Client-server concept: The measurement data can be monitored by various PCs integrated into the network
    • Photographs of machines or rooms can be saved as an image. On these, the respective readings are displayed directly at the position of the probes in the room or on the machines. Therefore the link between the measuring location and the reading is very easily visualised
    • A comprehensive alarm management offers the option of alarming more than two people at the same time or in succession. Depending on the day of the week and/or the time, it is possible to choose whether the alarm is sent via e-mail or SMS
    • Tour planning with calendar management allows for the clear presentation of planned and completed transport operations


    Compatible with: Windows 8 and 10 Home / Pro / Enterprise, Windows Servers 2016, 2012

    testo Saveris PRO software on CD ROM, license for 1–10 users, including instruction manual in the software.