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    The flue gas probe (in conjunction with the appropriate measuring instrument) performs outstandingly when carrying out professional flue gas measurements on stationary industrial engines. Since it is made entirely of metal, this prevents the handle from melting due to the radiated heat from the flue gas duct. The flue gas probe can be used at flue gas temperatures of up to 1,000 °C. Measurements are also possible at high overpressure (up to max. 100 mbar at the probe tip).

    Particularly useful for measurements on diesel engines thanks to the preliminary filter

    The fact that the flue gas probe features a preliminary filter makes it ideal for measurements on stationary diesel engines. The preliminary filter protects the gas sampling probe from diesel particulates. The preliminary filter is permanently welded on to the flue gas probe and therefore cannot slip or get lost.

    An additional particle filter is located in the hose of the flue gas probe, providing protection from any other contamination.

    An additional thermocouple is also available to order. It enables parallel measurement of the temperature in the flue gas. A heat protection handle is also supplied with the thermocouple which prevents burning on the metal handle.

    The probe shaft is easy to replace.


    The flue gas probe with preliminary filter for industrial engines is suitable (in combination with a compatible measuring instrument) for the following applications:

    • Flue gas measurement on industrial engines
    • Flue gas measurement on catalytic converters
    • Flue gas measurement on other industrial installations with a high overpressure

    The flue gas probe with preliminary filter for industrial engines consists of the following components:

    • Stainless steel probe shaft including probe preliminary filter (335 mm long)
    • 2-chamber sampling hose including particle filter (4 m long)
    • Probe handle

    기술 데이터

    670 g
    프로브 샤프트 길이
    335 mm
    하우징 재질
    금속 하우징
    케이블 길이
    4 m
    프로브 샤프트 직경
    8 mm
    프로브 샤프트 팁 길이
    14 mm
    Product colour
    검적색; silver
    최대 온도
    1,000 °C