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스테인레스 강 소결 필터, 기공 크기 100 μm, 프로브 보호

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  • Pore size 100 µm
  • Mechanical sensor protection for measurements in dusty atmospheres and at higher flow velocities
  • In robust stainless steel
  • 스테인레스 강 소결 필터, 기공 크기 100 μm, 먼지가 많은 대기 또는 높은 유속에서 프로브 보호.
    Stainless steel sintered cap, Ø 12 mm, material: stainless steel V2A. Very rugged, suitable for penetration, can be cleaned with compressed air, mechanical sensor protection. Applications: High mechanical loads, high flow velocities.

    1 x sintered stainless steel filter.