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0555 6448
  • Transmitter with selectable signal outputs: analog output, pulse output, 2 switching outputs
  • Quick, safe assembly/disassembly of the bar probe thanks to reverse running protection and ball valve
  • Assembly of the whole transmitter possible under pressure
  • Easy operation with a variety of options (signal outputs, physical unit, etc.)
  • Compressed air consumption measurement on a professional level: It is not just accurate compressed air measurements that impress with the testo 6448 compressed air meter, but also the possibility of easy removal of the bar probe. The compressed air meter can be put to good use when you want to detect leaks, are striving for consumption-based allocation and are aiming to reduce costs by doing so.

    testo 6448 리플렛/매뉴얼/소프트웨어 다운로드 사이트: http://cafe.naver.com/testoman/3414


    측정범위 0 ~ 80 Nm/s 또는 160 Nm/s
    0 ~ 60 ℃
    정확도 측정값의 ±3%
    출력 팩스출력, 스위치 출력
    4 ~ 20mA(4와이어)

    0~160m/s 범위의 풍속측정이 가능하며, 빠르고 안전한 설치 및 해체가 가능합니다.

    아날로그 출력, 펄스 출력 등 다양한 신호 출력이 가능하며, LED 디스플레이를 통한 작동 메뉴를 지원합니다.