testo Saveris adjustment software

제품 번호  0572 0183

 개별 라디오 및 이더넷 프로브의 온도 및 상대 습도는 Saveris 조정 소프트웨어 및 배송에 포함 된 프로그래밍 어댑터를 사용하여 조정할 수 있습니다. 

제품 설명

The Saveris adjustment software can be used to adjust the radio/Ethernet probes connected to the Saveris base.
The temperature and relative humidity of each individual probe can be adjusted using the Saveris adjustment software and a reference measuring instrument.
Following successful adjustment, the current adjustment data is stored in the probe. At the same time, the adjustment software accepts this data so that the adjustment histories are available.


상품 제공 시 포함

  • CD with testo Saveris adjustment software including instruction manual
  • Adjustment cable for connecting the radio probe to the USB adapter
  • USB cable including USB adapter for connecting the Ethernet and radio probes to the computer