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testoterm - Measuring points (+110 °C)

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  • 온도 포인트 +110 ° C
  • 특정 최고 온도까지 온도를 확인하기 위한 자체 접착 측정 포인트
  • 한계 값을 초과시 2 ~ 3 초 내에 색상 변화
  • 50장의 온도 테이프가 포함된 책자형 포장
  • 접착력 있는 테스토제품은 온도 관찰을 원하는 측정 물체에 부착할 수 있고 색깔이 변함으로써 2~3초 내에 온도의 상승을 확인할 수 있다.
    testoterm measuring points are self-adhesive, temperature-sensitive films that respond by changing colour when a certain temperature is exceeded. They are ideal for monitoring the temperature of products and processes where a specific temperature must not be exceeded.


    Using the measuring points

    The measuring points are supplied in a book of 50. Just like stickers, they can be easily removed from the book and affixed on the measurement object.

    As soon as the specific temperature point (+110 °C) is exceeded, the measuring point changes colour within 2 to 3 seconds. The colour change is permanent: once the temperature has been exceeded, the measuring point will not change back to neutral even if the temperature drops again. This means that a critical temperature increase can be identified even after an extended period.

    Are you looking for a testoterm measuring point with a different temperature point? Measuring points are available for the following temperature points:
    • +65 °C
    • +71 °C
    • +77 °C
    • +82 °C
    • +121 °C

    testoterm measuring points for the temperature point +110 °C, available in books of 50.
    Note: price discounts are available for order quantities upwards of 5 books.


    Measuring range
    +110 °C
    ±1.5 °C

    기술 데이터

    14 x 14 mm
    작동 온도
    +110 °C
    제품 색상
    보관 온도
    최대 +25 °C ¹⁾
    1) Storage in refrigerator is recommended.