Vane anemometers with smartphone operation

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  • testo Smart Probes VAC set - with smartphone operation

    제품 번호 0563 0003

    With the Testo Smart Probes VAC set, you can check air velocities, humidity, volume flows and temperatures in, on and around air conditioning systems. The robust testo Smart Case enables the measuring instruments to be conveniently transported and ensures that they are always to hand when needed.
    • Easy parametrization of the outlet/duct cross-section for measuring the volume flow

    • List of multiple volume flows and calculation of the total volume flow (in the log)

    • Identification of mould risk thanks to the combined utilization of testo 605i and testo 805i

    • Rapid image documentation with IR temperature readings and measuring spot marking

  • testo 410 i - 베인 풍속 측정기(스마트 프로브)

    제품 번호 0560 1410

    VAC 시스템의 풍속을 간편하게 관리하는 베인 풍속 측정기 testo 410i
    • 통풍 조절 장치의 풍속, 풍량, 온도 측정 가능

    • 안정적인 설계로 공기 밀도 보정 불필요

    • 동시에 여러 배출구의 풍량 측정 가능

    • 시간 및 포인트 별 풍속 개요 확보 가능

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