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Adaptador para termopar tipo K

0590 0002
33,00 €
  • For attaching type K thermocouple temperature probes
  • Measuring range -20 to +500°C
  • Adaptador para termopar de temperatura tipo K
    Using the digital multimeter, it is also possible to measure temperatures in addition to electrical parameters. This adapter is used to attach type K thermocouple temperature probes to your digital multimeter.

    Simply insert the adapter into the digital multimeter and attach a type K thermocouple temperature probe onto the adapter. Please note that temperatures can only be measured in the range between -20 and +500°C.

    The adapter enables accurate temperature measurement, because it has ambient temperature compensation.

    Adapter for type K thermocouples, including lithium battery CR 2032.

    Dados técnicos gerais

    Dados técnicos invisíveis (instrumentos)
    60 g
    75 x 72 x 21 mm
    Temperatura de operação
    -20 a +500 °C
    Cor do produto
    Tipo de bateria
    1 x célula de bateria de lítio (CR 2032)
    plugue para tomadas de medição