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Plug-in humidity/temperature probe -  

0572 2151
92,00 €
  • Measures air temperature and humidity quickly and reliably
  • Compactly connected to the logger: the probe is plugged directly into the logger
  • Measuring range: humidity 0 to 100% relative humidity; temperature -30 to +50 °C
  • Plug-in humidity/temperature probe
    The plug-in humidity/temperature probe is suitable for measuring temperature and relative humidity in storerooms, cold storage areas and work rooms or in air conditioning/ventilation ducts.

    The humidity/temperature probe is plugged directly in and is therefore compactly connected to the instrument/data logger.

    The humidity sensor for measuring relative humidity is long-term stable, condensation-resistant and traceable to international humidity standards, such as ILAC, PTB and NIST. Thus, even after years of use you can still count on measurement results that are reliable and correct.

    1 x plug-in humidity/temperature probe 0572 2151.


    Faixa de medição
    -30 a +50 °C
    ±0,2 °C (-20 a +50 °C)
    ±0,4 (Faixa remanescente)
    *leve também em consideração a incerteza do dispositivo.
    0,1 °C

    Umidade - capacitiva

    Faixa de medição
    0 a 100 %rF
    Estabilidade de longa duração: ±1 %RH / year
    ±0,03 %rF/K (k = 1)
    *a precisão do sensor corresponde à precisão do sistema.
    ±2 %rF at +25 °C (+2 a +98 %rF)
    0,1 °Ctd
    0,1 %rF