Straight Pitot tube 1000 mm

Sipariş no.  0635 2243

  • For measuring flow velocities, e.g. in ventilation ducts or process air

  • Length: 1000 mm

  • Measuring range: 1 to 30 m/s

  • Operating temperature: 0 to +600 °C

In the event of dust-laden flow in ventilation ducts or process air and higher flow velocities, we recommend using a Pitot tube.

Ürün bilgisi

To measure flow velocities in ventilation ducts or process air, you can upgrade your measuring instrument by adding a Pitot tube. Pitot tubes provide the optimum conditions, especially for higher flow velocities and dust-laden air.

This Pitot tube is 1000 mm long and features integrated temperature measurement.


K Tipi (NiCr-Ni)

Ölçüm aralığı

0 … +600 °C

Genel teknik bilgiler

Ölçüm aralığı

+1 … +30 m/sn


1.000 mm


8 mm

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