Türbülans seviyesi probu; cihaz giriş kablosu zorunlu (Ürün ...

Sipariş no.  0628 0143

  • Turbulence measurement in accordance with EN 13779

  • Determination of air velocity and draught risk

  • Integrated temperature and ambient pressure measurement

  • Intelligent calibration concept

Türbülans seviyesi probu; cihaz giriş kablosu zorunlu (Ürün kodu 0430 0100)

Ürün bilgisi

Draught is the most common cause of complaints about indoor climate. Use the comfort probe to determine turbulence. Turbulence corresponds to the extent of fluctuations in air velocity over time. It is needed to calculate the draught risk. The probe enables you to determine air velocity and draught risk in accordance with EN 13779. The probe can also measure temperature and ambient pressure at the same time.

Intelligent calibration concept

The probe offers maximum digital measurement reliability. The digital probe allows readings to be processed directly in the probe. This technology eliminates instrument measurement uncertainty. The probe can be sent in for calibration on its own (without the measuring instrument). Calculating the determined calibration data in the probe generates a zero-error display.


Teslimat kapsamı

Comfort probe for turbulence measurement.
Note: You need a plug-in head cable (0430 0100) for this probe.

Ölçüm aralığı

0 … +50 °C


±0,5 °C


0,1 °C

Mutlak basınç

Ölçüm aralığı

+700 … +1100 hPa


±3 hPa


0,1 hPa

Isıtmalı tel

Ölçüm aralığı

0 … +5 m/sn


±(0,03 m/sn + 4 % ölç.değ.)


0,01 m/sn

Genel teknik bilgiler

Length probe

330 mm

Probe head diameter

90 mm


EN 13779