2个 UV推薦産品
  • testo 160 THL - testo 160 THL – 集成了温度、湿度、照度和紫外线辐射传感器的无线数据记录仪

    訂貨號 0572 2024

    使用无线数据记录仪testo 160 THL保护您敏感性和宝贵的展品和存档材料。testo 160 THL气候记录仪集成了温度、湿度、照度和紫外线传感器,可以确保随时对博物馆的环境气候和光照条件进行全面监测。

    • With integrated sensors for temperature and humidity, as well as lux and UV radiation

    • Blends in perfectly with the surroundings thanks to an optional, customisable deco-cover

    • Perfectly networked: data storage in the Testo Cloud, real-time alarm via email or (optionally in conjunction with an Advanced licence) SMS

    • Simple to install, integrate and operate

  • 照度和紫外线探头

    訂貨號 0572 2157


    • Small lux and UV probe for use in display cabinets and on exhibition pieces

    • Discreet monitoring of light-sensitive exhibits

    • Lux measurement according to accuracy category C as per DIN 5032

    • Measurement range: Illuminance 0 to 20,000 lux; UV radiation 0 to 10,000 mW/m2

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