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Digital analog coupler - for data logger module

0572 2166
AED 813
  • Integration of lots of other measurement parameters via 4–20 mA connection
  • Standardized interfaces for easy integration
  • Easy connection to the testo 150 TUC4 data logger via TUC (Testo Universal Connector)
  • This component is part of the environmental monitoring system testo Saveris 1. The modular system records and analyzes your critical environmental data, alerts you immediately if limit values are violated and can help you optimize your processes.

    In addition to temperature and humidity, other measurement parameters such as differential pressure and CO2 can be integrated into the Testo environmental monitoring system. For example, all transmitters with standardized current and voltage inputs can be integrated.

    The digital analog coupler is easily integrated into the Saveris system via Ethernet, WLAN or testo UltraRange radio technology using the testo 150 TUC4 data logger.

    Digital analog coupler with current/voltage input for testo 150.