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  • With VAC module for velocity measurement in m/s, m³/h duct
  • Data communication via PC
  • Prints readings on site in a matter of seconds
  • testo 400 multi-functional measuring instrument, incl. measurement value store up to 500,000 readings, RLT-module, Li-cell, calibration protocol and batteries
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      A measuring instrument for all climate-related parameters

    The testo 400 with VAC module is currently the only measuring system in the world that can be used to quickly and objectively evaluate the operability of a VAC system without additional manual calculations.
    It goes without saying that the measurement requirements are based on internationally applicable standards VDI 2080 (Germany), EN 12599 draft (Europe) and ASHRAE (USA).
    This is the first automated measuring method which meets the requirements of this standard.