Software / Firmware

  • testo usb driver - Instruction manual  (PDF, )

  • Refrigerants testo 556/560/570 (generation up to January 2007)  (ZIP, 37.9 kB) Download: Refrigerants for digital manifolds Please save the .FLA files in the directory "KMITT" of the Testo560 software.For example: C:\Program Files\Testo560\KMITTNotify: The file "" contains all available refrigerants in one ZIP-archive. Please extract the archiv before you install the refrigerants.ATTENTION:Refrigerants R717 & R723 (R717.FLA & R723.FLA) are containing ammonia can only be used with stainless steel Refrigeration Systems Analyzers.Please be aware of maximum pressure ratings when using all refrigerants, especially R-744 (CO2).