testo ɛ-Marker - reference stickers for determining emissivity and temperature

Order-Nr.  0554 0872

  • Reference stickers for automatic determination and setting of emissivity and reflected temperature (using a thermal imager with the testo ɛ-Assist function)

  • Create accurate thermal images quickly and easily with testo ɛ-Marker

  • Delivery quantity: 10 off

Take thermal images simply and accurately with the testo ɛ-Marker. With the testo ɛ-Marker, not only will your thermal imager with testo ɛ-Assist function determine the emissivity (ɛ) and reflected temperature (RTC) of the measurement object automatically, it will set both values automatically too.

AED 110.00
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Product Description

It is important to set the correct emissivity and reflected temperature in the thermal imager, and to create accurate thermal images. Previously this process was rather laborious.

Determining and setting emissivity and reflected temperature with the testo ɛ-Marker reference sticker is considerably easier. Attach the sticker to the measurement object – and your infrared camera with testo ɛ-Assist function will detect the sticker, determine the emissivity and the reflected temperature and automatically set both values.


Delivery Scope

testo ɛ-Marker, reference stickers for determining emissivity and temperature, 10 off.
General technical data

Product colour

white; Black

Physical specification


1 g


60 x 42 mm

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