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Testo has made a name as a business leader on the back of the outstanding instruments it provides to a wide variety of industries around Australia. Our gas analysers are proof of this, providing state-of-the-art solutions to many service, commissioning and third party auditing companies throughout Australia, in particular where diesel engines, boilers and high energy processes are involved.

We are also renown in the arena whereby the tuning and efficiency of heating systems both domestic and commercial and industrial boilers are a necessity. Some of the more common gases that can be emitted through these processes include carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. While they are considered to be normal emissions, it is possible for them to become dangerous if the wrong concentrations are released. This can signify that the equipment is not operating correctly, which is a danger to staff and the machinery itself, not to mention the significant additional costs.
Did you know: Testo is one of the leading manufacturers of gas analysers in the world. All Testo gas analysers is serviced and calibrated locally in our “state of the art” laboratories.

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  • testo 310 - Basic Flue Gas Analyser 

    Order-Nr. 0563 3100

    The Testo 310 basic flue gas analyser sets a new standard in affordable flue gas analysis with its rugged housing, simple design and advanced sensor technology. With five different fuels to select from, it provides the flexibility you need for your applications like checking furnace efficiency, boiler tuning, and water heater checks. 
    • CO, O2 and CO2 also measures ambient CO, draught and pressure 


    • Bright backlit 2 line display and icons for easy viewing 

    • 2 year warranty 

  • testo 320 set - low cost gas anlayser kit 

    Order-Nr. 0563 3220 75

    The Testo 320 low cost gas anlayser kit, offering comprehensive combustion system analysis, is designed for the job site and for the contractor who expects more. Use the Testo combustion analyzer for basic testing and tuning of all types of boilers, heaters or furnaces and also to set up and commission more complex multi-stage or modulating heating systems, for accurate combustion efficiency analysis. 
    • CO, O2 and CO2 also measures
      ambient CO, draught and pressure 

    • Fast 30-second startup 

    • Field-replaceable, pre-calibrated
      sensors for accurate system analysis 


  • testo 330-2 LL flue gas set H2

    Order-Nr. 0563 3372 73

    testo 330-2 LL flue gas set H2 for customer service and maintenance technicans, incl. BLUETOOTH, rech. battery and calibration protocol; mains unit 100-240 V for mains operation or charging the rechargeable battery in the instrument; combustion air temperature probe, length 190 mm; hose connection set for separate gas pressure measurement; Testo BLUETOOTH printer with mains unit; basic system case flat; flue gas probe; lenght 300 mm, Ø8 mm, Tmax. 500 °C
  • testo 330-2 LL flue gas analyzer - Pro flue gas analysis kit

    Order-Nr. 0632 3307

    The intelligent professional analysis tool for all measurements in and around heating systems. The TÜV-tested testo 330-2 LL flue gas analyzer comes with a wide range of user-changeable, longlife sensors that last for up to six years. Saves you from having to buy an extra measuring device – and new sensors.
    • High-quality, longlife (up to six years) O2 and CO sensors; further sensors (i.e. NO sensor) optional

    • 4-year warranty on the flue gas analyzer

    • No need to withdraw the sensor from the flue to zero

    • CO measurements up to 30 000 ppm

  • testo 330-1 LL

    Order-Nr. 0632 3306 70

    testo 330-1 LL flue gas analyzer with long-life gas sensors; BLUETOOTH and with H2-compensated CO-sensor, incl. rech. battery and calibration protocol; with graphic display; version 2010
  • testo 330-2 LL

    Order-Nr. 0632 3307 70

    testo 330-2 LL flue gas analyzer with long-life gas sensors and built-in draught and gas zeroing; BLUETOOTH and with H2--compensated CO-sensor; incl. rech. battery and calibration protocol; with graphic display; version 2010
  • testo 330-2 LL - Professional long-life set for heating engineers

    Order-Nr. 0563 3372 74

    The top equipment for the master heating system engineer: the testo 330-2 LL professional long-life set contains the accessories required for all the important measuring tasks on oil, gas and solid fuel systems. Further accessories mean it can be used for differential temperature measurements and gas leak detection as well.
    • 330-2 LL flue gas analyzer with fresh air valve to protect the CO measuring cell and to extend the CO measuring range to 30,000 ppm

    • 4-year warranty on the probes which users can change themselves, including sensor monitoring with a service life of up to 6 years

    • Single-hose connection: just one hand movement is needed to securely connect all the channels for flue gas measurement (gas paths, draught, temperature probe integrated into the flue gas probe)

    • TÜV-tested according to 1st German Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV) EN 50379, Parts 1-3

  • testo 350 MARITIME - Exhaust gas analyzer for diesel ship engines

    Order-Nr. 0563 3503

    Testo proudly presents the world’s first portable exhaust gas analyzer for diesel ship engines: the testo 350 MARITIME! The groundbreaking exhaust gas analyzer measures emissions at diesel ship engines in compliance with MARPOL Annex VI and NOx Technical Code 2008.
    • With DNV GL and NK certificate according to MARPOL Annexe VI and NOx Technical Code 2008

    • Unrestricted availability thanks to pre-calibrated gas sensors which are exchangeable on site

    • Ready to measure in less than 2 minutes

    • Tested gas sensors — as good as reference measurement technology

  • testo 350 - Analysis Box for exhaust gas analysis systems

    Order-Nr. 0632 3510

    The testo 350 is a rugged, easy-to-use exhaust gas analyzer designed to meet the highest demands when it comes to carrying out precise industrial emission measurements and providing proper data administration. The Analysis Box can be operated with up to 6 gas sensors, 5 of which are optional. This allows you to select freely from sensors for CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, CxHy and CO2.
    • Increased measurement range for unlimited measurements even when gas concentrations are higher

    • Easy-to-change gas sensors and easy access to wearing parts

    • Sealed housing with built-in impact protection for use in harsh conditions

    • Easy operation of the analyzer unit via Control Unit or easyEmission software (both products available separately) 

  • testo 350 - Control Unit for exhaust gas analysis systems

    Order-Nr. 0632 3511

    The testo 350 is a rugged, easy-to-use exhaust gas analyzer designed to meet the highest demands when it comes to carrying out precise industrial emission measurements and providing proper data administration. The Control Unit complements the testo 350 Analysis Box (separate product) and makes it easier to control emission measurements.
    • User-friendly application-specific menu guide

    • testo 350 Analysis Box just as easy to use when not positioned at measurement site

    • Internal memory for receiving measurement data from the Analysis Box

    • Large graphic color display, robust, industrial-type housing

  • testo gas detector - Gas detector

    Order-Nr. 0632 0323

    Testo's robust gas detector is a multi-range instrument for detecting methane, propane and hydrogen gases. It has a display which enables direct reading of the ppm-values.
    • Gas detector for methane, propane and hydrogen gases

    • Flexible probe extension for inaccessible areas

    • Acoustic signals on approaching the lower explosive limit

    • With alarm function: continuous tone and indication on the display on reaching the explosive limit

  • testo 330i - flue gas analyzer

    Order-Nr. 0632 3000 70

    Proven technology meets revolutionary operation. The testo 330i flue gas analyzer was specifically developed to help you to overcome all the obstacles you meet when servicing and commissioning heating systems.  
    • On-site digital creation of reports with the testo 330i App

    • Operation independent of measuring location – readings are always available when you need them

    • testoFix probe holder (optional) – holds the probe in the centre of flow at all times

    • Particularly robust, completely enclosed plastic housing

  • testo 308 - Smoke tester

    Order-Nr. 0632 0308

    The testo 308 is the instrument for easy electronic soot count measurement. It records the soot count digitally to one decimal space with constant sampling. The powerful LED backlighting guarantees good legibility even under poor light conditions. The instrument excels through its easy menu structure and ergonomic pistol grip. 
    • Fully automatic soot count measurements

    • User-friendly menu guide; easy-to-read, backlit display; easy-to-change soot filter rolls

    • TÜV certified

    • Optional print out on site

  • testo 315-3 - Ambient CO and CO2 Detector 

    Order-Nr. 0632 3153

    The high-quality testo 315-3 is an easy-to-use, ruggedly designed CO and CO2 meter that enables you to carry out quick and reliable ambient measurements according to DIN EN 50543 standard.
    • Measures CO & CO2 

    • Temperature & Humidity Measurements 

    • Optional Bluetooth Interface 

    • Optical & Audible Alarms 

  • testo 316-2 - Multi Gas Leak Detector 

    Order-Nr. 0632 3162

    Speedy and sure gas leak detection. The Testo 316-2 provides you with a quick and reliable means of detecting methane, propane and hydrogen in the ambient air. The gas concentration is displayed in the form of an easy-to-read bar and an alarm is triggered when a threshold is crossed. 
    • Quick reaction time with built-in pump 

    • Flexible gooseneck sensor for checking hard-to-reach pipes and places. 

    • 18-step bar for displaying gas concentration & maximum leakage display 

    • Measures: Methane, Propane & Hydrogen 

  • testo 317-1 - Flue Gas Spillage Detector 

    Order-Nr. 0632 3170

    Gas leaks on heating systems can quickly become a problem, because breathing in poisonous gases leads to health risks or even a risk of death. With the testo 317-1 Flue Gas Spillage Detector, you have a handy measuring instrument which detects escaping heating flue gases quickly and reliably. 
    • Reliable detection of escaping flue gases

    • Flexible probe for inaccessible areas

    • Acoustic and visual alarm

  • testo 316-1 - Methane Gas Detector 

    Order-Nr. 0632 0316

    Quick and reliable  detection of gas leaks in natural gas pipes. The Testo 316-1 natural gas leak detector with two-stage visual alarm system is ideal for carrying out  gas checks. 
    • Flexible measurement probe for inaccessible pipes 

    • Audible & Visual alarm if limit value is exceeded 

    • Quick responsive sensor 

    • Easy to use 

  • testo 317-3 - Ambient CO Meter 

    Order-Nr. 0632 3173

    Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. The compact Testo 317-3 CO meter is designed to provide you with a quick and reliable means of testing ambient air for carbon monoxide. 
    • Instant Start up: no zeroing phase 

    • 3-year warranty on CO sensor 

    • Alarm with adjustable thresholds 

    • Carry case with belt clip and handstrap 

  • testo 317-2 - Methane & Propane Detector 

    Order-Nr. 0632 3172

    Do you want to test quickly and efficiently whether there is a gas leak on gas pipe connections? Let the reliable testo 317-2 Methane & Propane Detector support you in your task. 
    • Display of gas concentration via bar display

    • Self-test of sensor after switching on

    • Pitch of alarm rises along with gas concentration

    • Battery monitoring with optical display

  • testo 340 - Flue Gas Analyser - Diesel Kit 

    Order-Nr. 0632 3340

    The testo 340 Flue Gas Analyser is an easy-to-use instrument that can be fitted with up to four different gas sensors. 
    • Direct measurement of 4-gases simultaneously 

    • CO range extension 50,000 PPM 

    • Automatic sensor protection range extension 

    • Smart phone App compatible 

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