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Our new digital manifold testo 570s detects anomalies with limitless power. For easy long-term measurements with reliable diagnosis.

The smart solution for long-term measurements

Reliable diagnoses through convenient long-term measurement with intelligent error analysis in the testo Smart App.

This alerts you to anomalies immediately, without a long search and gives you insights of all measurement values from temperature, pressure, to electrical parameters.

Always one step ahead – for the challenges of today and tomorrow


Never run out of power! With a class-leading battery life of 360 hours and a hybrid charging system.


Time is money? Correct! The evaluation of long-term measurements in particular often requires a lot of time. Thanks to intelligent error analysis of the testo 570s, anomalies are detected automatically without a long search.


More and more refrigeration systems operate in the low-pressure range. Therefore, we have increased the measurement accuracy to 0.25% fs.


Flammable refrigerants are becoming more and more common. The testo 570s can be safely used even with A3 refrigerants.

Ready to go immediately – with the Testo kits

Innovations that take you further

Highest precision even at low pressures

All measurement data at a glance and graphical progression

Full flexibility thanks to wireless freedom

Wireless measurement of temperature, vacuum, refrigerant weight and current by automatic connection of the Bluetooth® probes.

charging system
testo 560i

vacuum probe
testo 552i

temperature probe
testo 115i

Auto Connect +
up to 150 m

Clamp meter
testo 770-3

Thermometer with
air probe
testo 915i

testo 605i

testo Smart App

Smart tools. Smart App.

Everything in view in the testo Smart App.

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