Testo refrigerant gauges/manifolds are an investment in the future of your refrigeration & heat pump systems. A defining feature of our products is that they are digital, taking them beyond the analogue gauges that were standard in the past. 

There is an array of advantages using testo digital refrigerant gauges. The first is easy-to-read screens. Gone are the days of trying to pinpoint exactly where a needle is pointing on a gauge. Our gauges/ manifolds display a clear and concise readout, allowing you to make the correct measurement first time, every time.
Other benefits include automatic calculation of superheat & sub cool, smartphone connectivity, 60 inbuilt refrigerant library that cannot be matched by other alternatives. Testo refrigerant gauges/manifolds comes in 4 version to suit every budget and application. 
Did you know: Testo refrigeration gauges can also be used as a water balancing tool..!

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