testo 175 T3 - Dual Thermocouple Logger 

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This meter uses a sensor to start up. Click here for probe selection.
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  • Dual measurements (2 Thermocouple probes)
    for ambient and product temperature monitoring 

  • Large memory, 1 Million Readings 

  • Data transfer possible using the USB port
    or SD card (Optional) 

  • IP65 protection class 

With its two connections for external thermocouple probes, the testo 175 T3 Dual Thermocouple Logger  is a good idea when you would like to record your temperatures at two locations in parallel: for example when measuring the flow and return temperature on radiators. The readings are securely saved in the temperature logger and are available for later measurement data analysis and documentation. 


Professional software with Excel export function for programming the logger and data analysis.


Product Description

The Testo 175T3 is a 2 channel (2x external probes) data logger for the parallel monitoring and recording of two temperature measurements while being able to measure temperatures from -50 °C up to +1000 °C. The 175T3 data logger is ideal for demanding applications which require monitoring of extreme temperatures.

The175 T3 temperature logger is equipped with two connections for external thermocouple probes (type T or type K). This means the data logger is ideally suited for carrying out temperature recording on two channels.

State-of-the-art measuring technology, high level of data security

You can select the external thermocouple probes from our wide range of probes and order them with the data logger. This gives you flexibility and means to decide the best probe suited for your application.

 The range we offer includes surface probes, air probes and immersion/penetration probes. The measuring range and accuracy depend on the thermocouple probes selected. In principle, it is possible to measure from -50 °C to +1,000 °C with an appropriate probe.

You can display the current measuring values, min./max. values, set limit values, violations of limit values and remaining battery life on the clear display. This means you have the opportunity to read important values at any time and do not need to resort to a read-out of the temperature logger on the PC straight away every time you want to do a quick data check.

The long battery life of up to 3 years and the large measurement data memory which records up to 1 million readings are particularly convenient for users: because only relatively infrequent reading of the temperature logger is needed, even with shorter measurement intervals. You can use standard batteries (AAA) to run the data logger and you can replace them yourself. Particularly practical when temperatures are to be recorded in a polluted and dust-laden environment: The temperature logger has protection against dust ingress as well as water spray and jets according to protection class IP 65.

Programming and analysis with the temperature data logger

You need software for programming and reading your temperature data logger and analyzing measurement data on the PC. We offer three different software versions for you to choose from:
  • ComSoft Basic software – available as a free download – enables fast programming of the data logger and easy measurement data analysis.
  • ComSoft Professional software – available as an option – offers a variety of possibilities for detailed analysis of measurement results.
  • ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11 software – available as an option – can be used for special requirements according to CFR 21 Part 11 in the pharmaceutical sector.

Delivery Scope

One Logger, usb cable, wallholder, lock, batteries, protocol certificate and instruction manual.

Technical Data

Temperature - TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)

Measuring range

-50 to +1000 °C


±0.5 °C (-50 to +70 °C) ±1 Digit

±0.7 % of mv (+70.1 to +1000 °C) ±1 Digit


0.1 °C

Temperature - TC Type T (Cu-CuNi)

Measuring range

-50 to +400 °C


±0.5 °C (-50 to +70 °C) ±1 Digit

±0.7 % of mv (70.1 to +400 °C) ±1 Digit


0.1 °C

General technical data


130 g


96 x 54 x 29 mm

Operating temperature

-20 to +55 °C

Protection class



2 external

Product-/housing material


Product colour



EU-guideline 2014/30/EU; 2011/65/EU

Measuring rate

10 s - 24 h

Battery type

3 x AIMn type AAA or Energizer

Battery life

3 years at 15 min. meas. rate, +25 °C


1,000,000 measuring values

Storage temperature

-20 to +55 °C


immersion/ penetration probes

incl. GST  $107.80



USB connection cable, instrument-PC

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Monitoring the flow and return temperature of heating systems

The heating period begins in autumn and with it complaints from tenants that their apartments cannot be heated to the extent they would like. The flow and return temperature of individual radiators, for example, can be specifically monitored with the aid of flexible external pipe wrap probes, which enable causes to be identified and remedied.

Monitoring process temperatures

In production processes, the temperature often has to be checked in different places to ensure production quality: whether this is the air temperature, the temperature of manufactured products themselves, or the surface temperature of machines or engines and motors.
With the aid of thermocouple probes, data loggers can also record in the extreme temperature ranges prevalent in production processes. The extremely fast response of the probes means that even in processes with fast changing temperatures a good measurement result can be achieved.

This meter uses a sensor to start up. Click here for probe selection.
incl. GST $485.10