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Ambient CO probe

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  • Warns of hazardous CO concentrations in the indoor air (e.g. in boiler rooms)
  • Measuring range: 0 to +500 ppm
  • The ambient CO probe (in conjunction with the appropriate measuring instrument) helps you to detect carbon monoxide in indoor room air.
    Be alerted about CO concentrations which are hazardous to humans. Before entering a boiler room, a leak or some similar problem may endanger the life of the fitter. Tobacco smoke, petrol heaters, defective room heating furnaces and car exhausts are also frequent sources of CO.

    Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas and one of the most toxic substances in indoor air. The gas prevents the brain from getting enough oxygen and, in high quantities, can lead to nausea, loss of consciousness and even death. The CO measurement gives you a clear picture of the carbon monoxide levels in the indoor air.

    Ambient CO probe including fixed cable.

    Ambient CO

    Measuring range
    0 to +500 ppm
    ±5 ppm (0 to +100 ppm)
    ±5 % of mv (+100.1 to +500 ppm)