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Particle counter

Testo's particulate matter measuring instruments are packed into a practical case. This gives you the advantage that they are easy to take with you to your operating areas. That is particularly practical for you. In your work, you have to adhere to important stipulations in terms of the regulations on particulate matter. However, that only works with the appropriate instruments.

Particulate matter measurement instruments for heating engineers and chimney sweeps

Our particulate matter measurement instruments mean you have a practical aid to hand.
You benefit from having a pre-programmed measuring process which always proceeds in the same way for the individual measurements.
That saves a lot of time.

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Fine dust measuring device for industrial use

There are a variety of professions which make it necessary to comply with legal regulations relating to particulate matter. The profession of chimney sweeping is for instance one of these. However, heating engineers also come into contact with particulate matter and are required to be able to work with different measurements in this area. In these cases, it makes sense to use a particulate matter measurement instrument.

The practical instruments which undertake digital measurements and carry them out in real time enable you to respond quickly if the values are too high. The instruments in Testo's range are approved for the various fuel classes. You therefore not only ensure the protection of people in the direct vicinity of the systems, but also enable more effective environmental protection.

Particulate matter measurement – this is where it will be needed

The investment in a particulate matter measurement instrument of course needs to be well thought out. However, if your tasks include setting combustion plants, or possibly even being required to carry out acceptance test measurements, there is no way round it. Basically, here you have values which have to be adhered to. On-site particulate matter measurements are therefore part of your day-to-day work and serve to protect both the environment and people.

An overview of further instruments for flue gas measurement:

Particulate matter monitoring – the different versions of the instrument

Particulate matter monitoring is of course an important factor in terms of health and environmental protection. However, the general checking of flue gas values in specific areas must not be underestimated either. The combination of several instruments may prove to be very expedient here. Technology has now progressed so far that you have the possibility of combining different instruments and then comparing the values with one another. Thus, for example with oil heating systems in particular, it makes sense to use a smoke tester too.