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testo 190-T1 - Temperature CFR data logger with short, rigid probe

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  • High-precision temperature monitoring with short, rigid probe
  • Durable, robust, reliably tight, even after changing the battery
  • Changing the battery takes just seconds, saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Simultaneous configuration and readout of several CFR data loggers via the multifunction case
  • Use the testo 190-T1 CFR temperature data logger, which is designed for the pharmaceutical industry, for the efficient temperature monitoring of sterilization processes. The testo 190-T1 CFR data logger has a short, rigid temperature probe, is particularly small and can therefore be used to monitor temperatures even in confined spaces.
    The qualification and validation of sterilization processes is subject to high requirements and is a key element of quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Our reliable and robust CFR temperature data logger supports you in meeting these requirements efficiently.

    This is what the testo 190-T1 CFR temperature data logger offers

    • High-precision: precise CFR data logger with short, rigid temperature probe (length 25 mm, Ø 3 mm), reading memory of 60,000 readings
    • Small and slim design: with a diameter of 20 mm, the loggers are ideal for use in tight objects or cramped conditions – e.g. in the recesses of sterilization systems
    • Robust and durable: high-quality materials and innovative construction make the CFR data logger particularly robust and durable. Thanks to hermetically sealed measuring technology in a separate stainless steel housing, the CFR data logger impresses due to its reliability and maximum robustness
    • Battery change in seconds: the practical thread enables the battery to be screwed onto the CFR data logger and changed intuitively and securely without using any tools
    • Reliably tight: the CFR data logger remains 100% tight even after the batteries are changed. The battery housing is coated in highly temperature-proof polyether ether ketone (PEEK)
    • Flexible height: the size of the CFR data logger can vary with two different types of battery. The small battery makes the logger's dimensions particularly compact. The larger battery (included in the scope of delivery) is suitable for measurements at low temperatures, for example in freezer systems

    Programming, readout and analysis of the data logger

    Very practical to use: in addition to being used for storage, the multifunction case can also be used for parallel programming and readout of up to 8 data loggers simultaneously. This means you do not need any additional readout unit and you also save time.

    With the specially developed 21 CFR Part 11-compliant testo 190 CFR software (please order separately) you can program and read out the data logger, as well as analyzing the measurement data, on the PC. The clear software structure guides you intuitively through the process step by step. During input, it provides help at critical points through warnings. The software thus enables even inexperienced users to carry out the measurement process easily.

    1 x testo 190-T1 CFR data logger, including battery large, distance adapter for testo 190 programming and readout unit, calibration protocol and instruction manual.

    General technical data

    20 x 59 mm (ø x height)
    Operating temperature
    -50 to +140 °C
    Product-/housing material
    Stainless steel, PEEK plastic
    Protection class
    Length probe shaft
    25 mm
    Diameter probe shaft
    3 mm
    Measuring rate
    1 s to 24 h
    Battery type
    1/2 AA lithium
    Battery life
    2,500 operating hours (measuring cycle 10 sec at +121 °C)
    60,000 measuring values
    Storage temperature
    -20 to +50 °C